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How to build a website? A question that arises in every individual’s mind when they look out for business with websites. If you’ve read our previous blog on the importance of business websites then you are all ready to explore how you can get started with creating your own website.

So now answering to the previous blog query and continuing the business website thread. We have created a simple 5-steps-guide for creating your business website online without any much of a hustle.

For now, all you need to do is to get settled and just go through the following steps and by the end of this blog you’ll be more than ready to build your own business website via website builders.

Step-1 : Register a Domain Name

The first requirement for creating a website is registering a domain name. A domain name is your website’s unique address. It is very common for businesses to have domain names that are the same as their business names (such as amazon.com), you can pick a domain name to include any text phrase you want, as long as it’s not already been taken.

There are two costs associated with domain names:

  1. The cost of buying a domain name
  2. The cost of keeping your domain name registered every year.

There are many registrars available online to get a domain registered at nominal rates. A domain name typically costs around $10 to $12 to purchase, and a similar amount to keep it registered in your name every year.

If someone already owns the domain name you want, you’ll need to select a different domain name, or it’s possible to reach out to the owner to buy it.

Step-2: Choose a business website builder

Now, on to the most important step: choosing your website builder! It’s important to mention that there isn’t a “one size fits all” solution when it comes to choosing the right business website builder.

Different businesses will have vastly different needs – a trendy new restaurant, for example, will require something totally different from a small organic farm.

Choosing website builder is the most research taking process, matching the requirements needs much of understanding and knowledge of the base working of the builders.

Some of the most famous website builders available online.

For example, WordPress works on themes and plugins but Wix works on template basis only. WordPress requires basic PHP understanding but WebFlow requires some other languages .

You should be aware which website builder require what resource and set of skills before getting started with business websites.

P.S. If you’re confused on the research part and need my advise on choosing website builder then my recommendation is WordPress. This website builder has got its reputation high in all levels, from beginner to professional it works well for every one. The dashboard control and dev-efficiency is remarkable on every aspect.

I have worked on many WordPress projects and so my recommendation for WordPress can be biased but it is personally tested and verified too.

3. Prepare Content and Social Media Links

Once you’re ready with your choice on website builder, you should look out for some brilliant ideas for content too. There are many templates and themes available for content ideas.

We will go through the basic ones here but it’ll need research too because content ideas varies from business to business.

In terms of pages, all business websites contains three types of pages:

  • A strong ‘Homepage'(or landing-page), where visitors comes on the first place and navigate to other sections of the website.
  • An informative ‘About Us’ page which contains your business story, and information about your team.
  • A clear ‘Contact’ page, telling customers where they can find you, and how best to reach you offline and online.
Preparing social media links…

Integrating social links is very important in terms of reach and growth of your business website. Social Links allows customers to check on your business authenticity and your work, so creating and keeping them ready along with the content is also necessary.

Whatever is your business domain, you must have your business website marketed on at least one of the prominent social media platform.

4. Optimize

So, it’s all very well and good having a beautiful website, and adding that all-important content to encourage your customers to connect with you. You can even add an interactive Google Map app that will lead them to your door.

But if your customers never see your website because it never makes it to page one of the search engine results, then all your hard work will be in vain.

Here comes the responsibility challenge of being online! Many business have their portfolios online but only few of them have the visibility to their particular audience. Being online is great; but you also have to make sure that you’re visible on the internet and in reach of your customers.

There are some simple steps you can take to make sure search engines recognizes your website:

  • Make sure the site loads quickly. The website must be optimized and compressed in terms to show a potential performance and rank high on the search engine results.
  • Use responsive themes and templates, so that your website loads efficiently on mobiles too. Many website owners make mistakes on making website mobile optimized and with that they loose a potential amount of audience and hence loose their rank on the search results.
  • As already mentioned above, your website should have some social media links integrations so that your customers can check on your business authenticity. Social media gives you good amount of referrals which addons to more visits and leads you to get your website rank higher on the results.

There can be whole lot more points on website optimization, but the above three will do the trick for beginners.

If we start counting on all the Search Engine Optimization factors then this blog will be too lengthy to read, instead we can addon one more blog for this in the thread later.

5. Publish and Monitor

So we’re here at the last step now, ready with all the base knowledge and resources – kudos! You’re all ready to create a business website now!

Now remains the deployment but before publishing, the website must be double checked for any issues or formatting mistakes. In order to create impressions, the website must be on smooth pace before the first preview among the customers.

After all the steps followed above; the only thing remain later on is – monitoring, which is again an important thing among all the steps.

The requirements and audience reach must be monitored on a regular basis. You must keep all the things clean and smooth if you want to rank above your competitors. Monitoring is more of a permanent companion of website owners and it is the part where owners start generating revenues with their business websites.

Now you can build your business website for your online business.



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Business Websites – Getting Started!

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