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In this fast-moving and constant information sharing world, many businesses are discovering how many opportunities an online presence can create.

Brands capitalized on people’s heavy reliance on web-based solutions to offer their products online, hence, creating their business website. As digitalization is covering small to large businesses globally, have you ever thought about whether you should get a website for your business or not?

If yes, then I’m at BTL Geeks going to clear your major doubts about website importance and creation.

Stay calm and in the next few minutes, you will have the answers to WHY & WHEN you’ll be needing a website and HOW can you get it done in the least amount of time. So let’s get started…

The big WHY?

Why are websites important for you?

Why every second business is launching its e-commerce?

Why Website Necessary For Business?

There may be many Big WHY’s when you think of Websites for your business & its growth. In my conscious, the most accurate answer to this is “Your Customers Are Looking For You!”.

As the internet has become the global source of information, your offline marketplace has become too small as compared to the giant online marketplace.

If you don’t have a website, there will be no answer to your customer’s searching, and hence you’ll lose a potential amount of audience with it.

Websites have many factors to favor their own, from credibility to marketing it opens hundreds of opportunities to promote and establish your business globally.

I can share many good numbers of important reasons but being particular with the “WHY” and answering to the Importance of a Website for Your Business Success, the only thing to consider is your customers and your reach.

If you’ve got a website, you can have a portfolio online, you can have testimonials, you can be accessible 24*7, you can market online.

I can write more blogs regarding this, but if you really think of your customers, then you should definitely have a website.

The Confusing “When”!

Now the question arises, When should you have a website?

When it would be the right time to launch a Business Website?

So the answer to this is that a Business Website doesn’t count for any Right Time.

I know it’s a little confusing but you’re neither late nor too early to create a website, there is no particularly defined right time for that. But if you have this question in your mind and you’re a small or traditional business, then I would say that you should research first.

This would be the only honest answer that you ever get, instead of promoting I’m asking you to figure it out.

But if you still need me to answer that, then I would suggest that as soon as you’re ready to manage and afford a Business Website; you should go for it.

Don’t get confused with the “afford” word, the only thing you need to afford is TIME, the good part of creating a website is that its cost is negligible when you’re starting and by “negligible” I mean it’s free most of the time. Yes, you heard it right! Let me explain it in the next column.

Now, understanding “HOW?”

So if you’ve set your mindset then you’re almost there to create your own Business Website. As I said before, in a few minutes I’ll clear your major doubts about THE IMPORTANCE OF BUSINESS WEBSITE.

So now let’s get done with the final question, How to create a Business Website?

So in particular, all you need is a Domain name, Web hosting, and some Web development skills. That’s it!

By “skill” I don’t mean that you should be a hardcore coder, programmer, or anything. All you need is some exposure to understand development to get it launched online.

There are many free Content Management platforms available to create your own business website, the most famous among them all is WordPress. It’s the finest tool yet, that is compatible for both beginners and professionals and it’s good to go to get started with your online portfolio or a full-fledged website.

If you take my suggestion, hiring a professional would be the best way to get done with the development of your business websites in the least amount of time. It’s not very cheap sometimes but it’s totally worth it.

If you want to create by yourself then you’re good to go with any which way, in the end, you can either save time or save money, you’ll need to decide which one you can afford.

I hope I answered your questions and it was worth reading it!

I’ll be creating a thread for sharing more information about Business Websites and Web Development, if you want to learn along, then do subscribe to BTL Geeks and if you want to connect with me here’s my LinkedIn Profile link, feel free connect and message directly.


  1. Thank you for sharing this tips. I will surely use this as my guide. I am running a small courier business here in UAE and for now we only focusing on shipping services-we offer affordable UAE delivery services to meet our customer’s satisfaction.

    • Hey, Hera Kate Ramos thank you for reading. I am really glad that my blog adding value to your business. Keep learning your business will definitely grow. Best wishes for your courier business.


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